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WELCOME to the Woodward Respite Care Fund website

The Woodward Respite Care Fund offers support, encouragement and hope to Caregivers, providing resource information and financial assistance to pay for temporary relief from caregiving responsibilities

The Woodward Respite Care Fund recognizes the need for respite care for caregivers to enable them to have a break from their caregiving responsibilities. Through a simple application process, grants are offered to help a caregiver with the costs of temporary respite care.

Caregiver Profile

There are four kinds of people in the world:

·         Those who have been caregivers

·         Those who are currently caregivers

·         Those who will be caregivers

·         Those who will need a caregiver

Informal caregivers provide more care in the home-free of charge-than the federal government provides in all settings combined. Statistics show that caregivers often wear out physically and emotionally, becoming sicker than the person for whom they are caring.

General Caregiving Statistics

·         52 million informal (unpaid) caregivers

·         Estimated value $375 billion annually

·         25% of all households affected

·         60% of caregivers work

·         78% of care receivers rely SOLEY on family and friends for care

·         US corporations lose $17-34 billion annually (lost productivity)

·         Assisted Living Costs:    $3500/month

·         Skilled Nursing Costs:    $6350/month

Statistics from “AARP Valuing the Invaluable: The Economic Value of Family Caregiving”.



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