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WELCOME to the Woodward Respite Care Fund website

The Woodward Respite Care Fund offers support, encouragement and hope to Caregivers, providing resource information and financial assistance to pay for temporary relief from caregiving responsibilities.

The Woodward Respite Care Fund recognizes the need for respite care for Caregivers to enable them to have a break and time for themselves. Through a simple application process, financial help is offered to help a Caregiver with the costs of temporary respite care.

Caregiver Profile

There are four kinds of people in the world:

·         Those who have been Caregivers

·         Those who are currently Caregivers

·         Those who will be Caregivers

·         Those who will need a Caregiver

Informal Caregivers provide more care in the home-free of charge-than the Federal government provides in all settings combined. An informal Caregiver is an unpaid individual who helps a spouse, partner, family member, friend, or neighbor with activities of daily living and/or medical care. Statistics show that such Caregivers often wear out physically and emotionally, becoming sicker than the person for whom they are caring.


Caregiver Statistics

 The following statistics are from the Family Caregiver Alliance web site :

·         65.7 million Caregivers make up 29% of the U.S. adult population providing care to someone who is ill, disabled or aged.
·         52 million Caregivers provide care to adults (aged 18+) with a disability or illness.
·         43.5 million of adult family Caregivers care for someone 50+ years of age and 14.9 million care for someone who has Alzheimer's disease or other dementia.
·         LGBT respondents are slightly more likely to have provided care to an adult friend or relative in the past six months: 21% vs. 17%.
·         Caregiver services were valued at $450 billion per year in 2009 - up from $375 billion in year 2007.
·          The value of unpaid family Caregivers will likely continue to be the largest source of long-term care services in the U.S., and the aging population 65+ will more than double between the years 2000 and 2030, increasing to 71.5 million from 35.1 million in 2000.
·         More women than men are Caregivers: an estimated 66% of Caregivers are female. One-third (34%) take care of two or more people, and the average age of a female Caregiver is 48.0.

·         Male Caregivers are less likely to provide personal care, but 24% helped a loved one get dressed compared to 28% of female Caregivers. 16% of male Caregivers help with bathing versus 30% of females. 40% of male Caregivers use paid assistance for a loved one's personal care. Approximately 14.5 million Caregivers are men out of the 43.4% who care for an older family member.




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