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The mission of the Woodward Respite Care Fund is to offer support, encouragement, and hope to caregivers, providing resource information and financial assistance to pay for temporary relief from caregiving responsibilities.

The goals are:

  • To make caregivers aware of respite care
  • To empower them to meet their own needs, maintain their own health, and to reduce physical and emotional stress
  • To have the caregiver realize the benefit of respite care and to find a way to continue such care once the Woodward funds are depleted

The caregivers who receive assistance from the Woodward Respite Care Fund benefit in several ways. Caregivers often feel powerless and hopeless. Woodward assistance helps them feel empowered and valued, and gives them permission and the ability to obtain help with their caregiving responsibilities and to attend to some of their own needs.

This temporary relief from the stress of caregiving allows them to engage in activities that are important to them, such as exercise, doctor appointments, social activities, classes, attending church, or even uninterrupted rest. Without respite, many caregivers begin to suffer deteriorating health themselves, both physical and psychological.

Respite care benefits care receivers as well, as it enables caregivers to "recharge their batteries" and do a better job caring for their loved ones because their levels of stress, fatigue, and hopelessness are reduced.



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