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Who We Are

The Woodward Respite Care Fund offers support, encouragement and hope to Caregivers, providing resource information and financial assistance to pay for temporary relief from caregiving responsibilities.

The Woodward Respite Care Fund began in 1990 with the donation of $25,000 from a caregiver with funds from the estate of her mother to be used for the single purpose of helping Caregivers obtain respite care. In February of 2003 the Woodward Respite Care Fund received a bequest of $100,000 from her fatherís estate upon his death, which was invested. In 2004 the Woodward Respite Care Fund became a Colorado Nonprofit Corporation and obtained 501(c)(3) status from the IRS. All donations are tax deductible.

Woodward is composed of six board members who serve as volunteers with no financial reimbursement, and who offer many in-kind services. There is no paid staff, nor a physical office space. Board meeting are held once a month at a public library at no charge. At this time applications are reviewed. Woodward funding comes from individual donations and foundation grants.

Most requests are approved for the maximum amount of $1,000. Some applications may not be approved as they either do not meet the criteria for respite care or are already receiving respite help. Those individuals are directed to other resources that may offer other help. Once an application for funds is received, a Woodward board member contacts the caregiver for more information about the situation to determine what help the caregiver needs. At the monthly meeting the application is discussed according to the needs and requests of the caregiver.

Even though Caregivers are applying for respite help, we find many are hesitant to have anyone else care for their family member. Many donít understand what respite care is, nor do they know the options available for respite care. They are reluctant to take time out for themselves, even when their own health is at risk. In speaking with a Woodward board member, Caregivers often express relief that someone understands what they are going through. Their caregiving efforts are recognized and acknowledged. We encourage them to try respite care, helping them find the appropriate respite care options that work best for them.

It makes economic sense to support Caregivers with programs offering respite care to aid them in caring for family members. Caregivers are more likely to have symptoms of depression, and physical and emotional problems, often becoming sicker than the person they are caring for. It is imperative that Caregivers receive respite care in order for them to offer continuous care for their family members, allowing them to remain at home, saving the taxpayers the expense of nursing home costs.

The most important benefit of the Woodward Respite Care Fund is to open the door for Caregivers, exposing them to the idea of using respite care, often starting them on the path to continue this care when the grant funds are depleted.



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