New Resources to Help Fundraisers Connect With Women Donors


The pool of major donors is becoming more diverse overall, and women, in particular, are a powerful force in philanthropy. Research has shown that women are more likely to give, and give more, than men. And yet, as in so many fields, fundraising efforts are not always inclusive of women. Nonprofit organizations and fundraisers trying to increase giving from women and girls may benefit from new resources designed to support their efforts.

The resources include a set of fundamental principles involved in engaging women donors, an assessment to enable nonprofit officials to gauge their readiness to raise money from women and girls, and success stories from organizations that have upped contributions from women. Eight fundraising consultants who were specially trained in attracting women donors are among the resources.

“Women’s philanthropy is real, we have proven the concept,” said Kathleen Loehr, a fundraising consultant who compiled the resources. “If you follow the principles, you will get more support from women.” She adds: “It is not hard, it is just different than raising money from men.”

Now nearing retirement, Loehr has spent decades working with women donors. At the American Red Cross, for example, she helped create its first group for women donors known as the Tiffany Circle. Members, who give at least $10,000, have collectively donated more than $180 million since the Tiffany Circle was founded in 2006.

Loehr is also author of a book on women’s philanthropy, “Gender Matters: A Guide to Growing Women’s Philanthropy.”